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Child Raising

Child Raising Advice

When it comes to parenting, there are a number of challenges to overcome in order to get your child from a tiny thing that poops, pees, and cried constantly to a successful and responsible adult. But, it’s worth it to see the life we created, or adopted, grow into a unique individual before leaving the nest and learning to fly. However, before we get to that joyous moment, we have to do the world’s hardest job: raising a kid without making the same mistakes as our parents and, very possibly, every other human being who has ever lived. It’s a big ask, and the most you can really expect is to not completely screw it up. However, we can also use a little help sometimes, so allow me to present you with a few small tips to help your child grow into the adult you believe they can be.

First and foremost, you have to support you kids. This is somewhat obvious, but most parents miss out on one crucial detail, and that’s that they need to listen to their kids and discuss their interests and hobbies with them. I think we all want to share the things we love, and children are no different. In fact, they probably experience life with more intense baseline emotions, and so it can be really disheartening to have to no one to share your hobbies with, especially as a kid. All you really need to do here is listen and ask questions. If you couldn’t care less about the hobby, well, fake it til you make it, basically. If you love your child, pretending to be interested and/or being genuinely interested aren’t that hard. Fostering these interests will do a few things for your child. First, they’ll be made to feel like their interests are valid, which is important, but it also gives them confidence and helps them kind of figure the place they want to occupy in the the world and boosts their confidence.

Child Raising

Another way to make raising your child a better experience for you both is take a more active role in their friendships. What I mean by this is simply offer ot host get togethers and play dates and be prepared to be the cool mom wearing the 6PM outfit and dishing out snacks. This will make your kid’s friends like you more, and that will make them like your child all the more, and that goes a long way toward creating a responsible and successful adult.